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Did you negotiate your salary for your current job? If not, you're not alone. Some 41 percent of people didn't, according to Salary.com.你有为现在的工作谈过薪水吗?如果没有,你也并不孤单。据Salary.com的数据,大约41%的人都没有。Many fear that haggling over the starting salary will take them out of the running for the job entirely.许多人担心在起薪问题上讨价还价会让他们完全失去这份工作。But not negotiating for a competitive salary at the start of a new job starts you off on the wrong financial footing, because every bonus and raise you get moving forward will likely be a percentage based off that starting figure.但是,在新工作开始的时候,你如果不去争取一份有竞争力的薪水,你的财务状况就会开始出现问题。因为你获得的每一笔奖金和加薪都很可能是基于这个起始数字的一个百分比。Smart move: Don't take the first offer. You have the most leverage when they want you, but don't have you yet — and it's important to recognize and take advantage of that moment.明智之举:不要接受第一个提议。当他们需要你但还没有拥有你的时候,你的影响力是最大的——认识到并利用这一时刻很重要。People think you have to ask for what's acceptable, but you should ask yourself: What do I need to earn so that I don't have to worry about money? That's what your time is worth.人们认为你必须要求可以接受的东西,但你应该问问自己:我需要挣多少钱才能让我不用再担心钱了?这就是你时间的价值。Also understand that the expectation from the other side of the table is that you will ask for more. A study from CareerBuilder shows 45 percent of employers are willing to negotiate your initial job offer, and in fact expect you to do so.而且你还要明白,招聘者是希望你要求更多的。CareerBuilder(凯业必达招聘网)的一项研究表明,45%的雇主愿意对你的初始工作进行谈判,实际上他们也希望你这样做。You're only letting yourself down if you don't.如果你不这样做,你只会让自己的身价下跌。Before you even begin salary negotiations with a prospective employer, you need to find out how much the job is worth – and how much your skills and experience are worth to the employer.在你开始与未来的雇主进行薪资谈判之前,你需要弄清楚这份工作值多少钱,以及你的技能和经验对雇主来说值多少钱。Take the time to research salaries long before you even begin discussing pay.在你开始讨论薪水之前,花点时间研究一下薪水。That way you will be prepared to make your case and land a job offer that's realistic and reasonable.这样,你就可以根据自己的实际情况做好准备,找到一份现实而合理的工作。The most productive salary negotiations occur between people who realize that they have a common goal: to get the employee paid appropriately for their skills and experience.最有成效的薪资谈判发生在那些意识到他们有一个共同目标的人之间:让员工根据他们的技能和经验获得适当的薪酬。Negotiations needn't be adversarial, and no one has to get aggressive.谈判没有必要针锋相对,也没有必要咄咄逼人。If you're a reluctant negotiator, it might help to keep in mind that you're on the same side.如果你不是一个很放得开的谈判者,那么请记住:你和招聘方实际上是站在同一边的,你们的利益是绑定的;这样想可能会让你更容易放开。Negotiations can include all aspects of compensation, including salary, bonuses, stock options, benefits, perks, vacation time, and more.谈判可以包括薪酬的所有方面,包括工资、奖金、股票期权、福利、津贴、假期等等。Here are some salary negotiation tips:以下是关于薪资谈判的一些技巧:1.Wait for the appropriate time.1、等待合适的时间。 Start by being very patient. When interviewing for a new position, do your best not to bring up compensation until the employer makes you an offer.首先要非常有耐心。面试时,在雇主提出报价之前,最好不要提出报酬。Resist throwing out the first number. If you're asked what your salary requirements are, say that they are open based upon the position and the overall compensation package.拒绝提出第一个数字。如果有人问你对薪资的要求是什么,你可以说你的要求是根据职位和整体薪酬灵活变动。Or tell the employer you'd like to know more about the responsibilities and the challenges of the job prior to discussing salary.或者告诉雇主,在讨论薪水之前,你想更多地了解工作的职责和挑战。Base your salary request on data. If you're forced to give a number, provide a salary range based upon the research you've done up front.在数据分析的基础上提出薪资要求。如果一定要给出一个数字,你可以根据你事先做的研究提供一个工资范围。Use this research to inform your negotiating technique. Talk about what's appropriate for the role, based on your experience and what you have to offer.利用这项研究来指导你的谈判技巧。根据你的经验和你所能提供的东西,谈谈适合这个职位的是什么。Resist the temptation to talk about your personal financial needs.拒绝谈论你的个人经济需求。2.Take your time.2、慢慢来。Once you've received the offer, you don't need to accept (or reject) it right away.收到工作邀请后,你不需要立即接受(或拒绝)它。A simple "I need to think it over" can get you an increase in the original offer.一句简单的“我需要考虑一下”就能让你在最初的报价上有所增加。Consider saying no. If you're ambivalent about the position, a "no" can bring you a better offer too.考虑说“不”。如果你对这个职位犹豫不决,“不”也能给你带来更好的工作机会。3.But don't decline a job that you want or need.3、但不要拒绝你想要或需要的工作。Be careful though, if you do definitely need that new job there's a risk that the employer may accept your declining the position and move on to the next candidate.如果你确实需要那份新工作的话,你要很小心,因为雇主可能会接受你的拒绝,转而选择下一个候选人。4.Negotiate benefits.4、利益协商。Consider whether there are employee benefits and perks that might be negotiable, even if the salary isn't.即使工资不能协商,也要考虑一下员工的福利和津贴是否可以协商。