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If you are traveling and need to visit an airport, you can expect polite questions when checking in, going through customs, and boarding a plane. You should always remember to be polite especially when speaking to customs officials and security officers. Knowing the socially appropriate things to say will help you speed through the check-in and boarding process.如果你的旅行,需要去机场,在办理值机手续、海关手续和登机手续时,你可能会遇到一些礼貌的问题。你应该永远记住要有礼貌,尤其是在与海关官员和安全官员谈话时。了解适合社交场合的对话将有助于您加快办理值机和登机手续的速度。To prepare for your trip to the airport, study vocabulary related to travel and practice these basic English dialogues with a partner. Afterward, take a quiz to test your verbal skills related to airport travel.为了准备去机场的旅行,学习与旅行相关的词汇,并与合作伙伴练习这些基本的英语对话。之后,做一个小测验来测试你在机场旅行中的语言能力。Important Questions at Check-In登机时的高频问题 Expect these questions when checking in at an airport. Before practicing the dialogue below, familiarize yourself with the terminology and phrasing of these questions.在机场办理登机手续时,请注意这些问题。在练习下面的对话之前,先熟悉这些问题的术语和措辞。Can I have your ticket, please?我可以看下你的票吗?May I see your passport, please?我可以看看你的护照吗?Would you like a window or an aisle seat?你想要靠窗的座位还是靠过道的座位?Do you have any baggage?你有行李吗?What is your final destination?你的终点是到哪里?Would you like to upgrade to business or first class?您想升级到商务舱还是头等舱?Do you need any help getting to the gate?您到门口需要帮助吗?Check-In Practice Dialogue值机时的练习对话 The following dialogue between a passenger service agent and a passenger is fairly typical of a discussion you might encounter at an airport. Take one of the roles, find a friend of fellow student to take the other role, practice the dialogue, and switch roles.以下是旅客服务代理和旅客之间的对话,这是您在机场可能遇到的一个典型的对话。扮演其中一个角色,找同学的朋友扮演另一个角色,练习对话,转换角色。Passenger service agent: Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please?客运代理:早上好。请给我你的票好吗?Passenger: Here you are.乘客:给你。Passenger service agent: Would you like a window or an aisle seat?客运代理:你想要靠窗的座位还是靠过道的座位?Passenger: An aisle seat, please.乘客:请给我一个靠过道的座位。

Passenger service agent: Do you have any baggage?旅客服务代理:您有行李要托运吗?Passenger: Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.乘客:是的,这个手提箱和这个手提包。Passenger service agent: Here's your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.旅客服务代理:这是你的登机牌,祝你旅途图快。Passenger: Thank you.乘客:谢谢。Going through Security过安检 After you've checked in, you'll need to go through airport security. It's important to follow instructions carefully and understand these requests:办理完登机手续后,您需要通过机场安检。务必仔细遵循说明并理解这些要求:Please step through the scanner. > Asked when you are passing through metal detectors at the airport.请走过扫描仪。>当你通过机场的金属探测器时会问到。Please step to the side. > Asked if a security officer needs to question you further.请往这边走。>如果保安需要进一步询问你时会问这句话。Please raise your arms to the side. > Asked when you are inside a scanner.请把你的胳膊举到一边。>当你在扫描仪里的时候会被问到。Empty your pockets, please.请把口袋清空。Please take off your shoes and belt.请脱掉你的鞋和皮带。Please take any electronic devices out of your bag.请把所有电子设备从你的包里拿出来。Security Practice Dialogue安检练习对话 Things move quickly at an airport once you reach the security checkpoint. Use this dialogue practice to help you speed through the process.一旦你到达安检口,一切进展就会非常快。使用这个对话练习来帮助你加速整个过程。Security officer: Next!安全员:下一个!Passenger: Here's my ticket.乘客:这是我的票。Security officer: Please step through the scanner.保安:请穿过扫描仪。Passenger: (beep, beep, beep) What's wrong?乘客:(哔,哔,哔)怎么了?Security officer: Please step to the side.保安:请走到一边。Passenger: Certainly.乘客:当然可以。Security officer: Do you have any coins in your pocket?保安:你口袋里有硬币吗?Passenger: No, but I have some keys.乘客:没有,但我有一些钥匙。Security officer: Ah, that's the problem. Put your keys in this bin and walk through the scanner again.保安:啊,这就是问题所在。把你的钥匙放在这个箱子里,再穿过扫描仪。Passenger: OK.乘客:好的。Security officer: Excellent. No problem. Remember to unload your pockets before you go through security next time.保安:很好。没问题。下次通过安检前记得把口袋里的东西掏出来。Passenger: I'll do that. Thank you.乘客:我会的。谢谢您。Security officer: Have a nice day.保安:祝你今天愉快。Passport Control and Customs护照管理和海关 If you take an international flight, you'll have to pass through passport control and customs. Here are some of the most common questions you can expect:如果你乘坐国际航班,你必须通过护照检查和海关检查。以下是您可以预料到的一些最常见的问题:Can I see your passport?我能看看你的护照吗?Are you a tourist or here on business? > Asked at customs to determine the purpose of your visit.你是旅游者还是来这里出差?>在海关确定你的访问目的时会被问到。Do you have anything to declare? > Sometimes people need to declare things they have bought in other countries.你有什么要申报的吗?>有时人们需要申报他们在其他国家买的东西。Have you brought any food into the country? > Some countries do not allow certain foods to be brought into the country.你带食物到这个国家来了吗?>有些国家不允许某些食品带入该国。Passport Control and Customs Dialogues护照管理和海关对话 You may have different experiences at the passport-control and customs sections depending on the laws of the country you are visiting as well as the type of items you are bringing in.根据您所访问国家的法律以及所带物品的类型,您在护照管理和海关部门可能有不同的经历。Passport official: Good morning. Can I see your passport?护照官:早上好。我能看看你的护照吗?Passenger: Here you are.乘客:给你。Passport official: Thank you very much. Are you a tourist or here on business?护照官:非常感谢。你是旅游者还是来这里出差?Passenger: I'm a tourist.乘客:我是游客。Passport official: That's fine. Have a pleasant stay.护照官员:好的。祝您行程愉快。

Passenger: Thank you.乘客:谢谢。Customs official: Good morning. Do you have anything to declare?海关官员:早上好。你有什么要申报的吗?Passenger: I'm not sure. I have two bottles of whiskey. Do I need to declare that?乘客:我不确定。我有两瓶威士忌。我需要申报吗?Customs official: No, you can have up to 2 quarts.海关官员:不,你最多可以两夸脱。Passenger: Great.乘客:太好了。Customs official: Have you brought any food into the country?海关官员:你带什么食物到这个国家来了吗?Passenger: Just some cheese I bought in France.乘客:只是我在法国买的一些奶酪。Customs official: I'm afraid I'll have to take that.海关官员:恐怕我要留下那个。

Passenger: Why? It's just some cheese.乘客:为什么?只是一些奶酪。Customs official: Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring cheese into the country. I'm sorry.海关官员:不幸的是,你不能带奶酪入境。我很抱歉。Passenger: OK. Here you are.乘客:好的。给你。Customs official: Thank you. Anything else?海关官员:谢谢。还有别的吗?Passenger: I bought a T-shirt for my daughter.乘客:我给我女儿买了一件T恤。

Customs official: That's fine. Have a nice day.海关官员:没关系。祝你今天愉快。Passenger: You, too.乘客:你也是。