什么叫“music to ears”?关于音乐的趣味俚语表达~

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Some people say that music makes the world go round, they say that music is to the soul what words are to the mind…..有人说音乐使世界运转,他们说音乐是直达灵魂的,语言是直达心灵的……Well, music and words go hand in hand when it comes to certain aspects of English! There are so many idioms based on music or instruments that are used in everyday speech!好吧,当涉及到英语的某些方面时,音乐和单词是并驾齐驱的!日常用语中有许多以音乐或乐器为基础的习语!Here are some examples, these might help you to hit the right note when talking in English!music idioms以下是一些例子,这些可能有助于你在用英语交谈时找到正确的答案!音乐习语1. HIT THE RIGHT NOTE / STRIKE THE RIGHT NOTE1.说得恰当 If you hit the right note, you speak or act in a way that has a positive effect on people.如果你说话得体恰当,你的言行对人有积极的影响。I don’t know how he managed to do it, but he just struck the right note and the meeting ended really positively, even the boss looked pleased!我不知道他是怎么做到的,但他只是说话恰当得体,会议结束得非常积极,即使是老板看起来也很高兴!2. BLOW YOUR OWN TRUMPET / BLOW YOUR OWN HORN / TOOT YOUR OWN HORN2.自吹自擂 When someone boasts about their own talents, abilities and achievements.当有人吹嘘自己的才能、能力和成就时。Well, you’re very good at blowing your own trumpet, you just never seem to prove it!好吧,你很擅长自吹自擂,你似乎从未证明过任何事!3. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO3.一个巴掌拍不响 This is used to suggest that when things go wrong, both sides are involved and neither party is completely innocent.这就意味着,当事情出了问题,双方都参与其中,任何一方都不完全是无辜的。I know you saw what he did, but it takes two to tango, they are both equally to blame.我知道你看到了他所做的,但是探戈需要两个人,他们都要承担同样的责任。4. FIT AS A FIDDLE4.非常健康This is used to describe someone who is in perfect health.这是用来形容一个人非常健康。It’s unbelievable. He must be at least 80 but he’s as fit as a fiddle!真是难以置信。他一定至少80岁了,但他非常健康!5. WITH BELLS ON5.不折不扣的,十足的 This means to arrive somewhere happy and delighted to attend.这意味达到了非常强烈的欲望。Yes, I’m going to the party too, I’ll be there with bells on!是的,我也要去参加聚会,我会非常想去的!6. LIKE A BROKEN RECORD6.喋喋不休 Used to describe someone who keeps talking about the same story over and over again.用来形容一个人一遍又一遍地谈论同一个故事。Would you please stop going on about her boyfriend, you sound like a broken record!你能不能别再提她的男朋友了,你听起来总是喋喋不休!7. AND ALL THAT JAZZ7.诸如此类 This means that everything related to or similar is included.这意味着与之相关或类似的一切都包括在内。Celebrities definitely seem to be starting all the latest trends with fashion, hair and all that jazz.名人们显然是从时尚、发型和爵士乐开始了所有的最新潮流。8. MUSIC TO MY EARS8.好消息 When you hear exactly what you wanted to hear.当你确切地听到你想听到的。When they read out the results and everyone heard that I got top marks, it was like music to my ears!!当他们宣读结果时,每个人都听说我得了高分,这真是个好消息!9. YOU CAN’T UNRING A BELL9.后悔莫及This means that once something has been done, it cannot be changed and you have to live with the consequences.这意味着一旦做了某件事,它就不能改变,你必须承受后果。I’m afraid you can’t unring the bell now, everyone heard what you said.恐怕你现在不能再后悔了,大家都听到了你说的话。10. MARCH TO THE BEAT OF YOUR OWN DRUM10.刚愎自用 When someone does things the way they want to, without taking anybody else or anything else into consideration.当有人做他们想做的事情时,不考虑任何其他人或任何其他事情。I’ve tried talking to him but he won’t listen. All he knows is how to march to the beat of his own drum! Why don’t you try?我试过和他说话,但他不听。他所知道的就是如何走到自己鼓的节拍前!你为什么不试试?11. SWAN SONG11.最后的作品This expression is used to describe a final act before dying or ending something这个表达式用来描述死亡或结束某件事之前的最后一个行为。I am going to resign tomorrow. This project was my swan song and now that it has been completed, I will leave.我明天要辞职。这个项目是我的绝笔,现在它已经完成了,我将离开。12. RING A BELL12.引起回忆 If something rings a bell, it sounds familiar, but you can’t remember the exact details.如果有什么东西响了,听起来很熟悉,但你记不清确切的细节。Harry Bertram? That name rings a bell, but I’m not sure if it was definitely him.哈利·伯特伦?那个名字很熟悉,但我不确定是不是真的是他。13. STRIKE A CHORD13.引起共鸣 Used to describe something that is familiar to you, reminds you of something or is connected to you somehow.用来描述你熟悉的事物,提醒你某物,或者以某种方式与你联系。That poem really struck a chord in me, it reminded me of my youth so much.那首诗真的触动了我的心弦,使我想起了我的青春。14. CHANGE YOUR TUNE / SING A DIFFERENT TUNE14.改变主意 When someone changes their opinion or their idea of something particular.当某人改变了他们对某件事的看法或想法时。You’ve definitely changed your tune since the last time I saw you! You used to hate this town!自从我上次见到你以来,你肯定改变了你的主意!你以前讨厌这个城市!15. FACE THE MUSIC15.承担后果 You say this when someone has to accept the negative consequences of something that has happened.当有人不得不接受所发生事情的负面后果时,你就这么说。I’m not ready to face the music. I need to figure it out for myself before I speak to them.我还没准备好面对后果。在和他们说话之前,我得自己想清楚。16. FOR A SONG16.廉价 If you buy or sell something for a song, it means it is very cheap.如果你买或卖一首歌,这意味着它是非常便宜的。I can’t believe I managed to buy all of this for a song, maybe the shopkeeper didn’t know what they’re really worth!我真不敢相信我竟然用一点钱买了所有这些东西,也许店主不知道它们的真正价值!17. PLAY BY EAR17.见机行事 This means to deal with something in an impromptu manner, without guidelines or rules. It refers to playing music without using written connotation.这意味着在没有指导方针或规则的情况下,即兴处理某件事情。指不使用文字内涵演奏音乐。I don’t know what I’m going to say when she gets here, I’ll just play it by ear.我不知道她来的时候我会说什么,我只能见机行事。18. SEE YOU ON THE BIG DRUM18.晚安 A goodnight phrase used for children.孩子们用的晚安语。Okay, get some sleep now. See you on the big drum.好的,现在睡会儿。晚安。19. AS CLEAN AS A WHISTLE19.非常干净的 Used to describe something that is extremely clean.用来描述非常干净的东西。He may come across as someone who could’ve been involved in that robbery, but I have checked his records and they’re as clean as a whistle.他可能会被认为是一个可能卷入抢劫案的人,但我查过他的记录,他们一清二楚。20. BLOW THE WHISTLE / WHISTLE BLOWER20.检举揭发 If you report an illegal or harmful activity to the authorities and give information about those responsible, then you are blowing the whistle and would be referred to as a whistle blower.如果你向当局报告了非法或有害的活动,并提供了有关责任人的信息,那么你就是在吹口哨,被称为告密者。John refused to make a statement for the police. He was afraid of losing his job if he blew the whistle on his boss.约翰拒绝向警方作陈述。如果他向老板告密,他害怕丢掉工作。21. CALL THE TUNE21.有发言权 This is used to describe the person who makes the important decisions about something.这是用来描述对某件事做出重要决定的人。I’m afraid I can’t help you sir. Barbara calls the tune around here, so you’d have to speak to her.恐怕我帮不了你,先生。芭芭拉在这里调音,所以你得和她谈谈。22. PLAY SECOND FIDDLE22.居次要位置 This is used to describe the person who takes a subordinate role behind someone more important.这用于描述在更重要的人后面扮演从属角色的人。You’re much more experienced than he is, I don’t understand why you continue to play second fiddle. You deserve a higher position in the company!你比他经验丰富得多,我不明白你为什么还要继续做副手。你应该在公司里得到更高的职位!23. WHISTLE FOR IT23.痴心妄想 If someone says this to you, it means they are determined to ensure that you don’t get what you are after.如果有人这样对你说,这意味着他们决心确保你得不到你想要的。You can whistle for it as much as you like, this is an heirloom of our family and will stay with us!你可以尽情地幻想,可这是我们家族的传家宝,将与我们同在!24. CLEAR AS A BELL24.清楚的 If something is as clear as a bell, it is very clear or easy to understand.如果某物像钟声一样清晰,它是非常清晰或容易理解的。

His instructions were as clear as a bell, everyone knew exactly what they were supposed to do.

25. FIDDLE WHILE ROME BURNS25.紧急情况时却无关痛痒 This is used when people are procrastinating or wasting their time on unimportant matters while there are more serious problems to be dealt with.当人们在不重要的事情上拖延或浪费时间,而有更严重的问题需要处理时,就使用这种表达方法。The management committee seems to be fiddling while Rome burns, they haven’t shown any signs of taking immediate action.管理委员会似乎在捣乱,而罗马正在燃烧,他们没有表现出任何立即采取行动的迹象。26. JAZZ SOMETHING UP26.使得...变得有趣 Used when someone is trying to improve something or add more style to it.当有人试图改进某些东西或添加更多样式时使用。This dress looks so dull on its own, maybe I should jazz it up a bit with this scarf.这件连衣裙本身看起来很单调,也许我应该用这条围巾来装饰一下。27. CHIME IN27.插话 Used when someone interrupts or joins in a conversation, especially to repeat or agree with something.用于某人打断或加入谈话,特别是重复或同意某件事。I was telling the police officer what had happened, but everyone chimed in and started giving their versions of the story, and he couldn’t hear what I was saying!我正在告诉警察发生了什么,但每个人都插话了,并开始讲述他们的故事版本,他听不到我说的话!28. DRUM INTO ONE’S HEAD28.灌输 When you teach someone how to do something through constant repetition.当你教某人如何通过不断的重复来做某事时。Our teacher drummed into our heads how important it is to understand the history of our own country.我们的老师向我们灌输了解我们国家的历史是多么重要。29. TICKLE THE IVORY29.弹奏钢琴This is a humorous way of talking about playing the piano.一种幽默的描述。My mother used to love playing the piano. She’d tickle the ivory whenever she had a chance.母亲以前喜欢弹钢琴。一有机会,她便会弹琴。30. JAM SESSION / JAMMING30.即兴演奏 Playing music with various instruments in an improvised and informal setting.在非正式场合即兴演奏各种乐器。A few of my friends came over to my house yesterday, and we had the most amazing jam session.昨天几个朋友来我家,我们来了一场即兴演奏。We were jamming last night, and I came up with a brilliant idea for a new song!昨天我们在即兴演奏的时候,我对新歌有了灵感。31. FINE TUNING31.性能调整 Used to describe small adjustments made to improve something or to make it work better.为改进或提高性能做出的小调整。My motorbike is almost ready. My dad is quite happy with it, but I think it needs a little more fine tuning.我们打算周末北上探亲,但这只是一段走马观花式的旅程,毕竟我们有那么多的亲戚要拜访。32. WHISTLE-STOP TOUR32.走马观花式的旅行 When someone visits a number of places quickly, only stopping at each for a short period of time.游玩多地,每地停留时间不长。We’re going to visit my family up North for the weekend, but it’s only going to be a whistle-stop tour, as we have so many relatives to visit there!我们打算周末北上探亲,但这只是一段走马观花式的旅程,毕竟我们有那么多的亲戚要拜访。33. WHISTLING IN THE DARK33.说大话壮胆子 When someone believes in a positive result, even though everybody else is sure it will not happen.某人坚信事情会有好结果,尽管他人不这么认为。He seems pretty determined that he’s going to win the race, but judging from who he is up against, I think he’s only whistling in the dark.他似乎很有决心要赢得这场比赛,但从他的对手来看,我认为他只是在说大话壮胆子。34. WHISTLING DIXIE34.自我吹嘘 If someone is whistling Dixie, they talk about things in a more positive way than the reality. Mainly used in the US.在美国较为常用,描述某人用一种比事实情况更乐观的方式谈论某事。He heard what the doctor had to say, but he still seems to be whistling Dixie.尽管听到了大夫的诊断,但他仍旧自我吹嘘。35. MAKE A SONG AND DANCE ABOUT SOMETHING35.大惊小怪 When someone makes a big deal out of, or a fuss over, something that isn’t that important.描述某人小题大做、大惊小怪。I wish she’d stop making such a song and dance about me moving out, it’s not a big deal.我搬出去并不是什么大事,真希望她别再小题大做了。36. ELEVATOR MUSIC36.电梯音乐 Pleasant but boring pre-recorded music that is usually played in public places.怡人但乏味的音乐,通常在公共场所播放。I usually like his songs, but his new album just sounds like elevator music!我确实喜欢他的歌,但他的新专辑听起来就像电梯音乐!37. DRUM UP SUPPORT / BUSINESS / INTEREST37. 获取支持 Try to get extra support/business/interest by various means.通过各种方式,获取更多支持或利益。I’ve been trying to drum up support for the local Women’s Rights campaign by speaking to people in the neighborhood.
We need to try and drum up some interest from the local residents, otherwise we’ll never be able to go ahead with our building plans!我一直试图通过和附近的人交谈来争取当地妇女权利运动的支持。我们需要设法引起当地居民的一些兴趣,否则我们将永远无法继续我们的建设计划!38. WET YOUR WHISTLE38.准备庆祝 To drink something alcoholic喝酒Why don’t you join us tonight and wet your whistle? It’s been a long time since we went out together!你今晚怎么不和我们一起喝酒庆祝呢?一直以来,我们都一起玩耍呀!39. TRUMPET SOMETHING39.吹嘘 To deliberately broadcast some news so everyone can hear, with the intent to boast about something.有意夸大事实散布信息。He hasn’t stopped trumpeting his promotion ever since he got it last month! It’s very annoying.从上月晋升以来,他就一直在自我吹嘘!真让人讨厌。40. MARCH TO THE SAME TUNE / SING FROM THE SAME SONGSHEET40.步伐一致 When everyone follows the same plan, or says the same thing (can be used in the negative form too)每个人都遵循同样的计划,或说同样的话。I would say the reason why our business is failing is because everyone is not marching to the same tune!我认为生意失败的原因在于大家并未步伐一致。He is always singing from the same songsheet as others. I’ve never heard him come up with his own original idea!他总是和其他人步调一致。我从来没听过他想出自己的主意!

SONGS WITH IDIOMS含有歌词的俚语 Music is constantly evolving, and so is the English language! So it comes as no surprise that they affect each other so much.音乐在不断发展,英语也是如此!所以他们之间的影响如此之大也就不足为奇了。English idioms are used in music to express feelings and describe situations, the same way music is used in English!Here is a list of popular songs that include idioms:歌词中也有习语,下面是一些出现在流行金曲中的习语:‘Mountain Sound’ by Monsters of Men《山之音》---怪兽人乐队‘Hold your horses now’ meaning wait or hold on. Typically used when someone is rushing into something.Hold your horses now意为耐心等待。用于告诫某人不要急于做某事。‘Reach for the Stars’ by S Club 7《攀手星空》---七人流行乐团‘Reach for the stars’ meaning aspire to something and set your goals high.Reach for the stars意为某人雄心勃勃志向高远。‘Always on Time’ by Ja Rule and Ashanti《始终准时》---杰·鲁&阿莎缇‘Always on time’ meaning never late.Always on time意为从不迟到。‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ by The Pretenders《不要误解我》---伪装者合唱团‘Don’t get me wrong’ meaning don’t misunderstand me.Don’t get me wrong意为不要误解我。‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane《只有我们知道的地方》---基恩乐队I knew the pathway like the back of my hand’ meaning to know something really well.我熟悉这条小路,就像熟悉我的手掌。like the back of my hand意为对某事非常了解。‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’ by Marvin Gaye《我是从小道消息听来的》---马文·盖伊‘I heard it through the grapevine’ meaning to hear information from someone who heard it from someone else, i.e. not directly from the source.I heard it through the grapevine意为某人从他人那里听到的消息,也就是说,并非直接从消息源那里听到的。‘Chasing Pavements’ by Adele《爱情迷踪》---阿黛尔‘Even if I knew my place’ (know your place) meaning to be aware of your position in society, family or a relationship and comfortable with it.know my place意为你清楚并享受自己在社会、家庭或人际关系中的地位。  ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ by Guns ‘N’ Roses《敲开天堂之门》---枪与玫瑰‘Knocking on heaven’s door’ meaning to be waiting to die or being very close to death.Knocking on heaven’s door意为等待死亡或濒临死亡。‘Down and Out’ by Genesis49.《落魄潦倒》---创世纪乐团I don’t want to beat around the bush’ meaning let’s just get straight to the point or there’s no need to procrastinate.我不想“绕着灌木丛转”,beat around the bush意为让我们直入主题,别兜圈子。-Beat It’ by Michael Jackson《避开吧》---迈克尔·杰克逊‘Just beat it’ meaning leave immediately (usually used as an order).beat it意为立即离开(通常为命令)。– ‘Cat Got Your Tongue’ by Fujiya and Miyagi《猫咬了你舌头》富吉雅&宫城‘Has the cat got your tongue?’ meaning to be speechless or unable to speak. (In other words: ‘Why won’t you say anything?’)The cat got your tongue意为一言不发或不讲话。(换言之,“你为何一言不发?”)‘Cry Me a River’ by Justin Timberlake《泪流成河》---贾斯汀·汀布莱克‘Cry me a river’ meaning to cry excessively in someone’s presence in order to obtain sympathy.Cry me a river意为为博他人同情而过度悲恸。‘By Myself’ by Linkin Park《我自己来》---林肯公园‘Do I try to catch them red-handed?’ meaning to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong.''还是想要把他们抓个正着?''catch them red-handed意为某人做坏事时被抓个正着。‘White Flag’ by Dido《投降》---黛朵‘There will be no white flag above my door’ (raise a white flag) meaning to show sign of surrender or truce.''我家门上不会挂白旗'',white flag意为投降或休战。‘Time after Time’ by Cyndi Lauper《一次又一次》---辛蒂·罗波‘Time after time’ meaning again and again, repeatedly.Time after time意为一次次地。‘Louise’ by The Human League《路易斯》---人类联盟合唱团‘It’s not true that time heals all wounds’ meaning feelings of emotional hurt will leave as time passes.''时间并非真能治愈一切伤痛'',time heals all wounds意为时间能够治愈一切。‘Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)’ by Janet Jackson《欢乐时光飞逝》---珍妮·杰克逊Ain’t it funny how time flies’ meaning how quickly time passes by.Time flies意为时间过得真快呀。‘Because of You’ by Kelly Clarkson《只因为你》---凯丽·克拉克森I learnt to play on the safe side’ meaning to be extremely cautious in order to stay safe.“我学会安全地游戏人生”,play on the safe side意为十分谨慎以保安全。‘Hit The Road Jack’ by Ray Charles《出发吧杰克》---雷·查尔斯‘Hit the road Jack’ meaning to leave immediately without the intention of returning (usually used as an order).Hit the road意为立即出发且不再返回(多为命令)。‘Right Place, Wrong Time’ by Dr. John《合适的地点,错误的时间》---约翰‘In the right place at the wrong time’ – this is a combination of two idioms, which are ‘in the right place at the right time’ (when something good happens by luck) and ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ (when something bad happens by chance/unlucky).In the right place at the wrong time由in the right place at the right time(有好事发生)和in the wrong place at the wrong time(不幸发生坏事)两个惯用语组成。‘Wrong’ by Depeche Mode《错误》---赶时髦乐队‘I was in the wrong place at the wrong time’ – meaning when something bad happens by chance or something unlucky that would not have normally happened.In the wrong place at the wrong time意为碰巧发生了坏事或是发生了罕见的不幸。‘Lost out over You’ by Novastar《输掉你》---北方孤星‘We have other fish to fry’ – meaning we have other/more important things to do.“我们还有别的鱼要炸”,other fish to fry意为我们还有别的/更重要的事要做。‘Linger’ by The Cranberries《流连》---卡百利乐队‘You’ve got me wrapped around your little finger’ meaning to manipulate and control someone.“你把我缠在你的小指头上”,wrapped around your little finger意为操纵、控制某人。‘Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It’ by Brenda Taylor《鱼与熊掌不可兼得》---达·泰勒‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’ meaning you can’t have or do two good things at the same time that are impossible or unfair to have or do at the same time.“你不能既吃蛋糕又保留蛋糕”, You can’t have your cake and eat it too意为你不能同时拥有或做两件事。‘If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time’ by R Kelly《若能重返过去》---罗伯特·凯利‘If I could turn back the hands of time’ meaning to go back in the past. Usually used in moments of reminiscence or regret.“若能重返过去”, If I could turn back the hands of time意为回到过去,常用于追忆往事或遗憾。‘I Had the Time of My Life’ by Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing)《我一生最快乐的时光》---派屈克·史威兹‘I had the time of my life’ meaning to enjoy yourself thoroughly, have the best time ever.“我一生最快乐的时光”, I had the time of my life意为好好享受,度过一段好时光。‘When it’s Raining Cats and Dogs’ by PM Dawn《大雨滂沱时》---PM乐队‘When it’s raining cats and dogs’ when there is torrential rain or raining very heavily.“大雨滂沱时”,raining cats and dogs 意为暴雨如注。‘It’s Raining Men’ by The Weather Girls (originally) also by Gerri Halliwell《天上在下男人雨》---气象女孩组合(原唱);洁芮·哈利维尔(翻唱)‘It’s raining men’ – used in a situation when there are many attractive men around.It’s raining men用于形容附近有很多英俊男子。‘Leave No Stone Unturned’ by Europe《不遗余力》---欧洲合唱团‘Leave no stone unturned’ meaning to search in every possible way for evidence or the truth.Leave no stone unturned意为不遗余力地寻找证据或真相。‘Taking Care of Business’ by Bachman-Turner Overdrive《完成使命》---巴克曼-蒂默‘Taking care of business’ meaning to do what needs to be done.Taking care of business意为完成应该做的事。‘Water Under the Bridge’ by Olivia Newton-John《无法挽回的过去》---奥莉维亚·纽顿-约翰‘It’s all water under the bridge’ meaning it’s all in the past, long gone and forgotten about.It’s all water under the bridge意为过去的事,很早之前的事,早就遗忘的事。‘Take it Easy’ by The Eagles《慢慢来》---老鹰乐队‘Take it easy’ meaning relax and stay calm.Take it easy意为放松下来,保持镇定。‘I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’ by South Pacific《我要跟那个男人一刀两断》---南太平洋音乐‘I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’ meaning to finish with someone and want nothing else to do with them.I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair意为和某人断个干净,不再有关联。‘Alienated’ by Keri Hilson《渐渐疏远》---凯莉·希尔森‘You’ve become a shooting star’ referring to someone who is rapidly rising to fame.“成为一颗流星”,shooting star指某人迅速成名。‘Alejandro’ by Lady Gaga《亚历山大》---嘎嘎小姐‘Nothing to lose’ meaning to take a risk because things could not possibly get any worse.“再无可失”,Nothing to lose意为冒险一试,因为事情不会变得更糟了。‘Fancy Pants’ by Lady Gaga《女人气的男人》---嘎嘎小姐‘Fancy pants’ referring to someone who acts in a manner which others think is overly elaborate or pretentious.Fancy pants意指某人行事方式过于复杂或做作。‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga《扑克脸》---嘎嘎小姐‘Poker face’ meaning when someone’s face has no expression and does not give away any sign of emotion. Most commonly used in the context of playing a poker game in order to disguise the true value of your cards.Poker face指某人面无表情,不露任何情感。多用于扑克游戏,某人面无表情,隐藏卡片价值。‘Monster’ by Lady Gaga《恶魔》---嘎嘎小姐‘He’s a wolf in disguise’ referring to someone who is an evil or dangerous person who pretends to be nice and friendly. It comes from an old fable ‘about a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing’, and the children’s story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.“他是一匹善于伪装的狼”,a wolf in disguise用来描述邪恶之人将自己伪装成善良友好之人。这一习语出自一则古老寓言《披着羊皮的狼》以及儿童读物《小红帽》.‘Red and Blue’ by Lady Gaga《红与蓝》---嘎嘎小姐‘I’m old school’ meaning traditional thinking or behaviour. This can be used in a positive (efficient ideas that work) or a negative way (backwards, living in the past).“我是守旧派”,I’m old school意为思想传统、行事保守。可用于褒义(想法行之有效),也可用于贬义(退步、守旧)。‘Star Struck’ by Lady Gaga《爱上大明星》---嘎嘎小姐‘Starstruck’ meaning to be completely in awe of someone’s celebrity status.Star struck意为沉迷追星,不能自拔。‘Wonderful’ by Lady Gaga《精彩万分》---嘎嘎小姐‘I’m talking in circles’ meaning to talk a lot and not really say anything of meaning.“我只是在兜圈子”talking in circles意为说了很多没价值的话。‘Jammin’ by Bob Marley《即兴演奏》---鲍勃·马利‘We’re jammin’ or ‘jam session’ refers to an informal session where musicians play together.“我们在即兴演奏” jamming or jam session指摇滚爵士音乐的即席演奏会。‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler《黯然神伤》---邦妮·泰勒‘Every now and then I fall apart’ meaning when something (can be used for objects when they stop working) or someone fails to function properly (mainly emotionally for people).'动不动我就会崩溃”,fall apart意为一些人无法进行正常工作(主要是情绪化)。