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One of the nicest things you can do in any language is to compliment someone. You might want to compliment someone on what they did, how they look or what they have. Here are forms and phrases to compliment others in English. The examples below are arranged into complimenting ability, complimenting looks, and complimenting possessions in both formal and informal situations.你能用任何语言做的最好的事情之一就是赞美某人。你可能想称赞某人的所作所为、外表如何或拥有什么。以下是用英语恭维他人的方式和短语。下面的例子被分为在正式和非正式的情况下赞美能力,赞美容貌,恭维财产。Complimenting Ability赞美能力 Use these phrases to compliment someone on an ability they have. If you'd like to learn something from the person about his/her ability, start with a compliment. The person will probably help you learn more and be happy to talk about how to do it.用这些短语赞美某人的能力。如果你想从对方身上学到一些关于他/她的能力的东西,那就从恭维开始。这个人可能会帮助你了解更多,并且很乐意谈论如何做到这一点。Formal正式

If you don't mind my saying, you are a(n) excellent/outstanding/superb + (noun phrase)如果你不介意我说的话,你是一个优秀的/杰出的/卓越的+(名词短语)

I must say you really know how to + (verb)我得说你真的对做什么了如指掌+(动词)You are a fine + (noun phrase)你是个很赞的+(名词短语)What a(n) excellent/outstanding/superb + (noun phrase) you are!你是多么的优秀/杰出/出色+(名词短语)!

I admire your ability to + (verb)我钦佩你的+能力(动词)

Mr. Smith, if you don't mind my saying, you are an excellent public speaker.史密斯先生,如果你不介意我说的话,你是个出色的演说家。I must say you really know how to paint.我得说你真的知道怎么画画。I admire your ability to think on your feet.我很钦佩你脚踏实地的思考能力。Informal非正式地You're great at (verb + ing)你很擅长(动词+ing)

You can really (verb)你真的可以(动词)Wow, I wish I could (verb) as well as you!哇,我希望我能和你一样好。You're an amazing/awesome/incredible + (noun phrase)你是一个了不起的/超赞的/不可思议的+(名词短语)Wow! You're great at skiing!真的!你很擅长滑雪!You can really cook. This is amazing food!你真会做饭。这是令人惊叹的美食!You're an awesome student.你是个很棒的学生。Complimenting Looks赞美外貌 Use these phrases to compliment someone on how they look. This section is divided into two categories: for women and for men. It's important to use the right language for the situation. If you pay someone a compliment on their looks in the wrong way, it's possible that your compliment will not be accepted.用这些短语赞美某人的长相。这部分分为两类:女性和男性。在这种情况下使用恰当的语言是很重要的。如果你以错误的方式来赞美某人的长相,你的赞美可能不会被接受。Formal正式的

Notice how we ask permission to pay compliments on good looks in formal English. This is to ensure that no one gets the wrong idea about your intention.注意我们如何请求允许在正式英语中对漂亮的外表进行赞美。这是为了确保没有人对你的意图有错误的认识。

May I be so bold as to compliment your + (dress/hair/outfit/etc.)?我可以大胆地赞美你的+(衣服/头发/套装等)吗?You are looking beautiful/handsome today.你今天看起来很漂亮。May I pay you a compliment? You really look beautiful/handsome/elegant/etc. today.我可以夸奖你吗?你今天真的很漂亮/英俊/优雅/等等。

I hope you don't mind, but you are looking beautiful/handsome today.我希望你不介意,但你今天看起来很漂亮。Ms. Anders, may I be so bold as to compliment you on your dress?安德斯女士,我可以大胆地称赞你的裙子吗?I hope you don't mind, but I just had to say how wonderful you look today.我希望你不介意,但我只是想说你今天看起来很漂亮。

May I pay you a compliment, Mary? You really look fantastic today.玛丽,我可以称赞你吗?你今天看起来真的很棒。Informal非正式You look great today!你今天看起来棒极了!Excuse me, are you a model?抱歉,你是模特吗?I really love your (dress/hair/outfit/etc.).我真的很喜欢你的(裙子/头发/衣服等)。What a beautiful (dress/shirt/blouse/haircut/etc.)!多漂亮的(衣服/衬衫/衬衫/理发啊)!Wow, you look great today! Did you do something different?哇,你今天看起来棒极了!你做了什么与众不同的事吗?Sherry, what a beautiful dress!雪莉,多漂亮的裙子啊!I really love your haircut. It makes you look like a movie star.我真的很喜欢你的发型。它让你看起来像个电影明星。Complimenting Possessions恭维财产 Use these phrases to compliment someone on something they have. People are often proud of their possessions, especially major objects such as a house, a car, or even a stereo system. Complimenting someone on a nice possession is a good way to make small talk.用这些短语赞美某人所拥有的东西。人们常常为自己的财产感到自豪,尤其是一些主要的物品,如房子、汽车,甚至是音响系统。恭维某人拥有很多财产是一个进行闲谈的好方式。Formal正式I couldn't help but notice your + (noun phrase)我忍不住注意到你的+(名词短语)What a lovely + (noun) + you have!你有多可爱的+(名词)!You have such a wonderful / lovely / beautiful home / house / apartment / living room / etc.你有如此美妙/可爱/美丽的家/房子/公寓/客厅等。I have to admit I'm jealous of your + (noun phrase)我不得不承认我嫉妒你的+(名词短语)Tom, I couldn't help but notice your Mercedes. It's a beauty!汤姆,我忍不住注意到你的奔驰。真漂亮!I have to admit I'm jealous of your lovely garden.我不得不承认我嫉妒你可爱的花园。You have such a cozy home.你的房子也太舒适了吧。Informal非正式Nice + (noun phrase)Nice+(名词短语)I like your + (noun phrase)I like your +(名词短语)

That's nice / pretty / beautiful.很漂亮。Nice car! Is it yours?好车!这是你的吗?Do you like my sweater? - That's nice!你喜欢我的毛衣吗?-很赞啊!Example 1: Ability例1:能力 Gary: Hi Tim. Great round today.加里:嗨,提姆。今天的比赛很棒。Tim: Thanks, Gary.提姆:谢谢你,加里。Gary: You can really hit the golf ball.加里:你真的很会打高尔夫球。Tim: You're much too kind.蒂姆:你太客气了。Gary: No really. I wish I could drive as well as you.加里:不,真的。我希望我能像你一样这么会开车。Tim: Well, take a few lessons. It'll happen.提姆:嗯,你可以上一些课,就可以做到。Gary: I've thought about it. Do you really think it helps?加里:我想过这个问题,你认为这样真的有用吗?Tim: I used to have a horrible drive. Try a lesson, it's worth the price.蒂姆:我以前开车很糟糕。试试看,这是值得的。Example 2: Looks例2:外貌 Ms. Smith: Good morning Ms. Anders. How are you today?史密斯女士:早上好,安德斯女士。你今天好吗?Mr. Anders: Fine, thank you. And you?安德森先生:我很好,谢谢。你呢?Ms. Smith: I'm very well. Thank you for asking.史密斯女士:我很好。谢谢你的邀请。Mr. Anders: Ms. Smith, I hope you don't mind, but you are looking very well today.安德斯先生:史密斯女士,我希望你不要介意,但你今天看起来很好。Ms. Smith: Thank you, Mr. Smith. That's kind of you to say so.史密斯女士:谢谢你,史密斯先生。你这么说真是太好了。Mr. Anders: Yes, well, have a good day Ms. Smith.安德斯先生:是的,史密斯女士,祝您愉快。Ms. Smith: Will I see you at the meeting at 3?史密斯女士:我3点在会上见你好吗?Mr. Anders: Yes', I'll be there.安德斯先生:是的,我会去的。Example 3: Possessions例3:财产 Anna: Thanks for inviting us over for dinner this weekend.安娜:谢谢你这个周末邀请我们来吃晚饭。Margaret: My pleasure, come right in.玛格丽特:不客气,请进。Anna: What a lovely home you have! I love the furniture.安娜:你的家真漂亮!我喜欢这个家具。Margaret: Thank you. We like to call it home. It's cozy.玛格丽特:谢谢。我们喜欢把它称作家,因为它舒适宜人。Anna: You have such exquisite taste in decor.安娜:你在装饰方面很有品味。Margaret: Now you are exaggerating!玛格丽特:现在你有点夸张啦!Anna: No, really, it's so beautiful.安娜:不,真的,太美了。Margaret: Thank you. You're very kind.玛格丽特:谢谢。你真是太好了。